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Commercial Projects

Afton Place Nursing Home

Dominion Public Building

Anjema Eye Institute


Making a positive connection 

If there’s one thing the Electrical Division understands more than electricity, it’s people. We realize that people expect the best results for their dollar, so we work hand in hand with our customers to understand the full scope of the job. It’s all part of our design-build strategy: from the earliest design to the finishing project, we keep the lines of communication open so that the customer makes well-informed decisions. Our partnerships help to ensure that the project is being developed in accord with our customers’ requirements- and budget. Whether we are involved with a residential, commercial or industrial job, we get to know the people as much as the project. We also make ourselves accessible to them anytime, in case they need a solution fast. The end result isn’t just a job well done; it’s a solid relationship with the people who really count in our business. 

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